Introduction Letter

The research group in Architecture Design of Fluvial Urban Infrastructures - Grupo Metrópole Fluvial, belongs to the Design Lab of the Design Department of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in the University of São Paulo - FAU USP. The group is formed by Professors, students and technicians, and is coordinated by the Professors Alexandre Delijaicov, Antonio Carlos Barossi, Milton Braga and by the Architect of the São Paulo Municipality André Takiya.

The group's aim is to study, instigate and disseminate the design culture of the infrastructures architecture of fluvial cities.

The group structure is organized through programmes, projects and actions supported by three axis: Education, Research and Extension. In the first axis, the Metrópole Fluvial organizes and supports FAU USP's graduation and post-graduation courses. In the research axis, the group gathers works of "iniciação científica" (researches made by undergraduates) and graduation, master and PhD thesis.

Inside the extension axis, the group collaborated to the Study for Technical, Economical and Environmental Pre-viability for the Metropolitan Waterway Ring of Greater São Paulo, presented to the academic community through seminars and an exposition at FAU USP. The accomplishment of this study is the result of contact with the Waterway Department of the State Secretariat for Logistics and Transportation in 2009 of the São Paulo Government, with the intent of reaching a Technical cooperation agreement between the two institutions.

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Grupo Metrópole Fluvial

Study for Technical, Economical and Environmental Pre-Viability for the Metropolitan Waterway Ring